Williams Township Municipal Office
655 Cider Press Road
Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Phone: 610-258-6788
Fax: 610-258-6080

There is a dead deer alongside the road, who do I call?

The Township does not pick up dead deer. If the animal is on a Township road, please call the Game Commission at: 610-926-3136. If the animal is on a State road, please call PennDOT at: 484-541-1182

What roads are State owned and what roads are Township owned?

The following are State owned roads: Morgan Hill Road, Cedarville Road, Island Park Road, Raubsville Road, Hexenkopf Road, Durham Road, Tumble Creek Road, Gaffney Hill Road from Tumble Creek Road to Cider Press Road, Cider Press Road from Gaffney Hill Road to Texas Road, and Texas Road from Cider Press Road to Morgan Hill Road. Route 611 is entirely owned and maintained by the State to include Winter maintenance.
Click here to review Township Roads.

There is a sinkhole in my yard. What do I do?

The Township will only fix sinkholes within the confines of the paved roadway. If you have a sinkhole on your property you will need to call a contractor to fix it.

My mailbox was hit during a snow storm. What is going to be done about it?

Please click here to view the mailbox regulations under the Snow Removal section.

A Township plow or vehicle hit my garbage can. Who's going to clean it up or replace my garbage can?

All garbage and recycling cans are to be placed behind the residents mailbox off of the paved road way. The farther away they are the better chance that the snow from a plow won't hit it. At no time throughout the year should garbage or cans of any kind be placed on the roadway. Your garbage hauler will come and get it off of the roadway. That is what you pay them for.