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Committee Members

Dana Kaas  
Susan Reed
Valerie Ferguson
vacancy – Committee Member

Mission Statement

The Williams Township Sewer Advisory Committee (SAC) is committed to acting in an advisory capacity for the review of policies, procedures, and related functions of the Williams Township sewer system. These functions are in support of the Board of Supervisors and Township Manager. In review of these functions SAC has the charge of making recommendations that review and address developing rates for public sewer customers, the budget for the public sewer, accurate customer billing, capital planning and budgeting including the reserve accounts, and repair and maintenance of the Township sewer system.


The Cedar Park District provides public sewer service to 500+ residential and six commercial customers in the Morgan Hill, Legacy, and Cedar Park Communities in Williams Township. Since sewer rates in this district were last revised in 2006, growth in the number of homes drove down the township's "per dwelling" sewer expense. Recognizing this, the township supervisors asked for residents to serve on a committee to reevaluate sewer rates for the Cedar Park District.

The Committee consisted of seven township residents: Valerie Ferguson, Joy Gillett, Susan Reed, Merry Ristow, Dan Cwynar, Dana Kass, and Tom Schuyler.

To encourage water conservation, sewer rates were restructured to be both simpler and more closely aligned with water usage. The revised rates were approved by the supervisors in August 2010 and used to produce the September 2010 sewer bills. Sewer charge for an average residence using 1,200 cubic feet of water during a quarter decreased from $125 to $75 per quarter, a 40% reduction. Residential customers using more than 2,200 cubic feet of water during a quarter experienced an increase in sewer charges.

Commercial customers in the Cedar Park District are billed monthly. The impact of the new rates on their sewer bills depends on their water usage.

In September 2010, the township supervisors created an ongoing Sewer Advisory Committee. The role of the committee is to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for sewer rates, the budget for sewer service, customer billing, capital planning, and operational changes to improve the township's public sewer service.

Click here to read Resolution 2010-12 - creating the Sewer Advisory Committee